Living Gloriously, Intentionally, Purposefully

Blogger | Aspiring Chef | Graphic Designer | Volleyballer | SRHR Advocate | YCDI Mentee


Antonette is divinely inspired, beautiful, creative, energetic, fun-loving and resilient. She is accented wonderfully with grace, wisdom, strength and valour that imitates the Proverbs 31 woman. She was born to the title ‘Praiseworthy’,  which she strives to uphold in all deeds daily.  Antonette is a woman poised for greatness and possesses a passion for people and their health, wealth and wellness. Affectionately called, “Anto”, she is loving, compassionate and understanding.

Antonette’s personality is a multi-faceted one which reflects a number of different sides, but holistically she is still awesome. She loves nature, loves a good hike, enjoys writing, playing volleyball, spending time with family and friends and most of all meditation. She is particularly passionate about female empowerment and aspires to be a model of inspiration and motivation for all people. Ultimately, she lives with the purpose instilled by God to love people and spread his light to all.